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From Spring into early Summer our girls are hard at work bringing in nectar to transform it into honey. We usually start adding supers after the redbud trees have finished blooming and leave them on until around mid July depending on the flow. 

Honey in Bucket.jpg
2021 Honey.jpg
1st Honey.jpg

Wax Products. 

Once we have extracted the honey we are left with the cappings that we have scrapped off to expose the honey. We melt that down and render it clean in order to make our wax products. Lip balms, lotion bars and candles. 


We also sell bees. We reproduce queens for sell for folks that want to requeen their hives. We also over-winter nucs for people that want to add to their apiaries. Nucs are also great for starting out. Nucs are made with 5 frames of bees, brood (eggs/larva) and honey and pollen. We get these started in the summer/fall of the year and keep them fed and healthy through the winter and have them available for sell in the spring of the year. 

Blue Marked Queen.jpg
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